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Az Lot Sweeping Phoenix

Day Porter Services in Phoenix, AZ

We are Phoenix, Arizona's premier day porter service and sweeping company. Contact us today for your free day porter quote!

Day Porter Services in Phoenix

AZ Lot Sweeping offers comprehensive day porter services in the Phoenix area. We conduct and maintain jobs of all types and sizes.

Az Lot Sweeping Phoenix
Az Lot Sweeping Phoenix

AZ Lot Sweeping offers comprehensive day porter services in the Phoenix area. We conduct and maintain jobs of all types and sizes. Our on-site day porters in Phoenix will ensure your property is well maintained and kept up to your professional standards. Our day porters address various situations that occur during working hours without you having to think or worry about them. AZ Lot Sweepings team of day porter professionals are friendly and courteous to the tenants and patrons of your facility. Because of our commitment to the daily or monthly upkeep of your business, we guarantee we’ll leave your business in a pristine manner. Our day porter’s maintain a high level of professionalism; furthermore, we remain devoted to a friendly, courteous and reliable customer service approach. We provide this same level of expert care with all of our cleaning services.

AZ Lot Sweeping day porters are professional and well–trained personnel that address cleaning issues as they arise during their shifts, which ensures that proper care will be administered to your property. We offer many services that can be custom tailored to meet your needs:

  • Cleaning & Disinfection of commonly used areas
  • Clean up of spills
  • Trash Receptacle Wipe Down & Maintenance
  • Change and reline trash receptacles
  • Cobweb removal
  • Dusting Mullions
  • Dumpster Clean Up & Maintenance
  • Newspaper stand cleaning
  • Keeping entrances neat & clean
  • Hand-picking litter in parking lot
  • Removing debris from sidewalks
  • Keeping landscape areas trash-free

Our experienced teams will maintain your Phoenix property so that you’ll confidently know it’s being taken care of and you can focus on the important issues of your business.

We understand maintaining a professional appearance is an ongoing challenge for small and large facilities in Phoenix. AZ Lot Sweeping provides customized day porter support services to accommodate the unique requirements of its clients day-time operations.

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Az Lot Sweeping Phoenix


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Az Lot Sweeping Phoenix


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Az Lot Sweeping Phoenix


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